5 Things Not To Do During Your State Board Exam

As you prepare to take your state board exam, we decided to compile a list that we believe will come in super handy to you! This list is all about the top things you shouldn’t do during your state board exam.

Why did we decided to focus on this topic? Simple, because committing any of these prohibited actions can lead to you having your test immediately disqualified (#NoBueno).

We wouldn’t want you to study your butt off only to be disqualified for doing something you weren’t aware was against testing regulations.

1 – Communication devices

Any and all communication devices are not permitted in the examination area. This includes, but is not limited to; cellular phones, pagers, watches, printed materials, and handwritten notes.
In order to maintain a fair and just testing process, the NIC (National‐Interstate Council of Cosmetology State Board) has barred all candidates from entering the examination area with any material that can be used in order to gain an unfair advantage.
Pro tip: Leave all of your electronic devices in your car or at your house

2 – Talking

During your examination, talking to other candidates or examiners is strictly prohibited. Your examiner has been instructed not to answer any questions concerning your examination. This ensures equal opportunity for all candidates and standardization in testing for the National Practical Examination.
Pro tip: If you have an emergency situation simply ask to speak with the supervisor.

3 – Leaving examination area

Do not leave the examination area without permission. Permission must be obtained to leave the examination area for any reason, including restroom usage or at the completion of the examination.
Pro tip: If you have to leave for a restroom break, keep in mind that a picture ID is required for reentry into the examination.

4 – Following appropriate public protection and infection control procedures

Candidates must follow all appropriate public protection and infection control procedures and maintain a safe work area. In the event of a blood exposure incident, candidates will be expected to follow the NIC Health and Safety Standards. Failure to do so may result in your dismissal from the examination.
Pro tip: Be sure to contact your examination provider to obtain the most current version of, and any addendums to the NIC Health and Safety standards, OR go to www.nictesting.org for a current downloadable copy.

5 – Personal items

Purses, bags, coats, hats, and any other personal items not directly needed to complete the examination, are not allowed.
Pro tip: Only bring the required testing material and carry your ID in your pockets and leave your personal belongings at home.
You’re now set to conquer your exam! Go out there and make us proud 🙂