How To Dress For Your State Board Exam Day

We know that with all of the stress involved around preparing for your cosmetology exam, your outfit for exam day is the last thing on your mind.
Exam day attire is often an overlooked part of the preparation process, but it’s super important to not get this wrong.

State board has not set any mandatory rules stating that you should wear any one specific attire.
However, when it comes to doing anything involving yourself and salon practices, you will want to make yourself “look the part”.
Which, in most cases, is black and/or black and white attire.
Here are some examples of what you should consider when “looking the part”:


  1. Clean, polished shoes with no scuffs
  2. No Sandals
  3. No flip flops – too noisy
  4. Black shoe strings
  5. No tennis shoes


  1. Tops MUST meet bottoms!
  2. Black tops and bottoms in good condition – clean, pressed, fit properly
  3. Black tops, not too low cut, may not be sleeveless
  4. Black bottoms, skirts or slacks, not too short or too tight
  5. No denim, not even black – fades too much
  6. Hose if worn must be black or neutral in color
  7. Socks must be black
  8. Be creative – add jewelry
  9. Avoid bulky sweaters, low-cut tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, sloppy shirts
  10. Avoid very short skirt lengths, baggy hose,or hose with runs
  11. Repair lost buttons,torn seams,or hems out
  12. No bare midriffs


  1. Appropriate for daytime for women
  2. Color coordinated with skin tone


  1. Clean and filed
  2. Polish must be neat and not chipped


  1. Clean, dry, finished style combed into place
  2. No hats, baseball caps, head wear, headdresses, or scarves
  3. Hair accessories are okay – examples: styled hair pieces, decorations

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