How To Register for Your Cosmetology State Board Exam

Registering for your cosmetology state board exam is a painless experience (the same can’t be said for the preparation stage *more on that later).

If you’re reading this then we’re assuming you have either completed cosmetology school or you are near your completion date. Of course before you can take the state board exam, you must and met your time requirements set forth by your respective state.
Over the Phone: Call PSI at (800) 733-9267 call Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm, and Saturday-Sunday between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm, Eastern Time.
Over the Internet: Visit PSI Exams, click ‘Register’ for examination
***PSI will make every effort to schedule the examination site and time that is most convenient for you. You may schedule an examination 1 day prior to the examination date of your choice, up to 7:00 p.m.

Before you register for your exam, be sure that you have met all of the requirements first. Each state has their own set of requirements so it is a good idea to visit our resources page to learn more about your specific state’s requirements.
Also, before you register for your exam, we recommend you understand what your study needs are. If you haven’t started studying for the exam yet, don’t register to take the test 2 weeks from now. Review the exam study sheet and asses how comfortable you are with the material you will be getting tested on. For best practice, we recommend 3-5 months of studying before taking the exam (1-2 months if you’re using CPT Guru study guide).
If you need extra practice, be sure to take our free practice test to see if you are ready.

Need help preparing for the state board exam? We’ve got you covered! Learn more about our state board exam review guides below.

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